Bhau’s Second Message Regarding the Calamities at the World Trade Center and Pentagon --

All Dear Ones By email: Date: 26th October, 2001
Subject: Bhauji’s Second Message Regarding the
Calamities at the World Trade Center and Pentagon -- Part I


From Shiva:

The following is a compilation of messages Bhau sent to various Baba lovers over the course ofthe last few weeks. Although not an "Awakening," it is profound and reassuring and especially relevant at the moment.

Part I consists of: Introduction, America, The Devil, The Victims and the Terrorists.

Part II, which will be sent in a few days, consists of: Illusion and Reality, Meher Baba’s Work Released and His Universal Manifestation, A Message to Baba Lovers from Bhau.
From Bhau:


On the evening of Tuesday, 11th September, I was working in the Trust office. I received a phone call from Laurie Blum informing me about the terrorist activities in New York. Immediately, I stopped work and went home to watch television. With my own eyes, I saw the devastation unfolding in America. I was deeply affected by these horrible scenes, and everyone in India remains upset. When we witnessed those disturbing events on television, we felt as if they were happening here.

Now people think of nothing but this calamity .So I am so happy to hear that many of you performed Beloved Baba’s prayers and felt the power of His presence. The Beloved’s dear ones are really fortunate that they have recognized the Highest of the High, Avatar Meher Baba, and by remembering Him, they derive strength amidst such a calamity.

I cannot say whether or not the tragedy which befell Washington and New York is connected with Eruch passing away. But I also cannot rule it out, because Baba connects His Circle members to the world. Destruction may take place when a Circle member expires. When it does happen, this destruction is not simply destruction, but construction internally -- that is, "awareness."

When Padri joined Baba, you felt joy; you felt the air light and free in Myrtle Beach. Because each Circle member plays a different role, you had a different experience when Padri died. Everyone sympathizes with those who were killed or who are suffering and feels the sadness of the unfortunate ones’ relatives and friends. Everywhere you find people praying. They pay homage, and they express sorrow for those who have departed and the suffering ones who remain.

There is no talk in India but about the tragedy, and the television news also only broadcasts stories about the soreness other countries are feeling. I saw the prayer service at Yankee Stadium for the families who lost their close ones. The service was very moving and a lesson in oneness.

See how these happenings have brought people of many countries together. For the time being, there is a shadow of Oneness in most parts of the world. Even earthquakes, famines and volcanoes do not create such unity in people as they are feeling at present. This feeling of Oneness is momentary, but when His Universal Manifestation takes place, Oneness will be lasting.

What message should I give for this occasion? Only the Beloved can give you a comforting message, because His message has the power to wipe out anxiety. I can only say that Beloved Avatar Meher Baba is the Truth, and He is the Savior of the whole universe. We are duty-bound to love Him and obey His command. Whatever happens in His game of illusion, we must take as a dream. We must try to wake up in His love and awareness.

Though this is the beginning of the end of this Advent, Maya (the word Baba would use for illusion, that is, the Devil), still has to reach the zenith. Beloved Baba has been working actively since he dropped His physical body to see that this happens. Maya’s ascension will take a long time to reach its conclusion, and I don’t know how much time this process will take nor how many tragedies will occur. People will suffer and suffer, but such suffering will prove to be a blessing from the Beloved.

The destruction of the previous week is indeed shocking. But this shock is also within a dream. Though we are shocked, one benefit we receive is that we are awakened, because the Beloved is with us.

The term "Jihad" is everywhere misconstrued. Therefore, we cannot use the phrase "Meher Jihad." Everywhere people are observing silence for two minutes, three minutes, and they are praying to God as they remember Him. This is the true Jihad, but we can use the word "Awakening," and this is the beginning of the Awakening.

Everything is in Beloved Baba’s hands, and since He is the Savior, everyone will be saved according to His own way. When the end comes, and Maya is weakened in order for human beings to be awakened, the Beloved will manifest universally to the highest degree. And as this is the end of the cycle, His Manifestation will be the greatest on earth.

AMERICAI am really happy to see that the people of America are praying to Beloved God for those who were killed in this tragedy, as well as for those who are wounded, and their close ones who are suffering and suffering .May God listen to the prayer of the American people and also to the prayers of people of other countries, who are not only sympathetic to America, but also wholeheartedly cooperating with it, and, without any selfish motive, sharing America’s grief.

You know that Beloved Avatar Meher Baba visited the United States many times, including several trips to New York. He also established the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach as His home in the West. These visits were not in vain. The country is very close to him, and thus, America has great importance in His Divine Plan.

Can terrorists, by playing the role of the Devil, destroy America? It will not happen, because Beloved Baba is with Americans. Never think that Americans are crippled. You are not crippled, you are strong. Baba is with all; not that he is not with everyone, but to fight the Devil, America has to play a major role.

You know how powerful America is. Though it is the most powerful country materially, now it will become powerful internally, too. The end is in America’s hands, so America will prove to be that country which can bring about the end of the Devil’s game.

This much I know: Baba always liked America and has been loving America very much. The country has become even closer in His heart. It will also become powerful in His love. Know well that the country is always protected. In fact, there should not be any worry for anyone there. America will become the center of His message of Love and Truth.

In Christianity, the Devil is personified as "Satan," and people imagine that he dwells in the sky. In actuality, there is no physical personification of the Devil. It is the false self which everyone has and which resides in everyone’s mind.

The Devil is described in different mythologies in different ways. I don’t know whether this word "Devil" is from the Greek "diabolos," meaning "enemy, accuser, slanderer." But it is all the same. You may call it "ratava rehem abab" -- the shadow of Avatar Meher Baba.

God is Infinite, so also is His shadow infinite, that is Maya, the Devil, or Satan. You may consider Maya the Mother who has innumerable children in the form of everyone and everything. That is why she is called the Mother of Illusion. The same thing holds for the Devil or Satan. People consider the Devil male, while Maya is female, but this process of personification is just the same. In the original form, there is neither male nor female.

The Devil is that which activates illusion, i.e., shadow. As the mind’s workshop, the Devil is not an entity; it is illusion. It is merely a shadow, yet because we do not realize the shadow as shadow, we make the shadow strong. Despite the fact that the Devil is no doubt the "enemy," we all have the Devil (illusion or Maya) within us. We value the Devil as our friend and forget God. Thus the Devil plays his part to keep everyone away from God.

Though in actuality he does not exist, and is nothing but the shadow of Reality, the Devil is in full force. He is showing his power. But what an illusion it is that the shadow has become so powerful! He cannot create love; he creates hatred, and in his domain, anything can happen. If people are compelled to shoot bullets through windows, this also is mischief of the Devil.

As the shadow of God, the Devil deludes the false self. When God is forgotten or misunderstood, this delusion causes different things to happen. The Devil imagines that he is all-powerful. When devils go beyond their limit, they cause suffering, restlessness, and confusion in the world.

When the Devil needs to create destruction and harass people, he organizes many devils. In this age, the Devil’s organization is termed "terrorists." These terrorists and their companions and organizers are nothing but a group of devils under the full control of the Devil.

Earlier, these terrorists were called Rakshas. God Himself, in the form of the Avatar Rama, fought with and killed them. (Actually, He liberated them.) Ravana was the greatest devil. He had many devils toiling under him -- he was the king of devils! The leader of the devils today must resemble Ravana. He must have a large, strong organization. This is the reason why these terrorists dare to attack the most powerful country, America.

In the time of Krishna, there was the Mahabharatta. When the Battle of Kurukshetra took place, even though they played the role of devils, the Kauravs (the enemies of Arjuna and his brothers) were liberated according to Krishna’s orders.After Jesus came the Crusades. After Buddha’s time, Ashoka, the cruel king, killed so many people. Later he accepted Buddhism and spread Buddhism not only in India but in other countries. There was also war in the time of Mohammed.The world is caught up in the Devil’s game and has forgotten God the Beloved (Who had come in the form of Avatar Meher Baba). No one knows that it is the Devil’s game, and though this game is unnatural, it is under the Divine Plan, a Plan that cannot be understood.

This is the time when greed, lust, anger, exploitation, aggression, selfishness, and all low desires have gained extreme strength. These are all devils, and devils love each other. The Pentagon and the World Trade Center may have become symbols for the devils to play their role.

Outer destruction is the beginning of the end of the Devil’s work. Whenever a beginning takes place, there must be an end, and the beginning will be involved in the end. But when the Devil is playing such havoc in the beginning, what will happen till the end? Who can imagine? No one has any idea.

The Devil will create a spectrum of difficulties -- harassment, diseases, calamities, volcanoes, etc. Such calamities will befall humanity that you cannot imagine them. The time will come when people will not be able to obtain water. They will not get food. They will be forced to eat leaves. But do not worry about anything. This is not the time to eat tree bark or edible weeds. That time will come, but it is not now.

The Devil is strong, but he is nothing but the shadow of Reality. Unless we experience the Light, we cannot know shadow as shadow. And therefore, we all are very fortunate. At the time of Beloved Baba’s Universal Manifestation, when the Devil surrenders at His feet, we will indeed know the shadow as shadow, because we are following the Highest of the High, Avatar Meher Baba, Who is Light.

The Devil has become very, very powerful and is playing his role well. In fact, the Devil (Maya) is the perfect slave of God and a medium of His Work as he keeps the world under the clutches of his control. Within everyone (as the false self), the Devil goes on deceiving and deceiving and thus accomplishing tremendous things.

He creates not only difficulties but also recreation -- both happiness and misery. He is wearying people and making them fed up. He wants to render everyone so helpless and hopeless that they then recognize God. So the Devil’s act is also under the Divine Plan. Let him play. The Highest of the High is even more powerful. Beloved Baba is also working, but silently, to take spirituality to the zenith. So when the Devil’s work reaches the zenith, a complete transformation will result. Spirituality will also manifest to the zenith. Once misery reaches the extreme, humanity will not think about happiness. People will at last pay attention to the Existence of God and bow down to this Reality and follow Reality.

Not knowing the power of the Avatar, the Devil is His slave. But Baba has given him a long rope so that he may fulfill his role of creating havoc.

For the world, He will pull the rope gradually. If He yanks the rope all at once, there will be mass devastation. Know well, that He is pulling the rope of the Devil (in those who have come into His contact) towards Him, so that they may become aware of Him, and, therefore, the Devil cannot play havoc with them. How lucky Beloved Baba’s dear ones are for what He is doing for them.

This much is certain: though very powerful at present, the Devil will lose, and Reality will win. God is God, Reality, and God cannot ignore His children. So we should remain composed, thinking to ourselves that this turmoil is all the occupation of the Devil.

When the Devil is punished by God, this punishment will be of the false self, not the real self. The real self, which now remains in the clutch of falsehood, will gain awareness. The real self remains as the real self eternally and cannot be touched by the false self, nor can anyone destroy it.

Because he has a long rope, it is just the beginning of the Devil’s mischief. You will see, however, that though it will take a long time, gradually, gradually Reality will paralyze the Devil. Once he is forced to bow down before the Reality of the Highest of the High, the Devil will remain as a defeated soldier in everyone. He will not dare to raise his head.

Beloved Baba has also said that there will be war, and India will be involved 100% in this war. It will suffer and suffer. But this suffering will uplift India spiritually. The result of this struggle will be that at last the world will turn toward God and enjoy peace. There will be real brotherhood everywhere because the Devil will have been defeated. The devil will remain silent for some years, until he gradually rises up and once again plays his role.

The end will take a long time.

When Beloved Baba manifests universally, He will pull the rope towards Him. The Devil will then be forced to bow down to Him, and people will be awakened. All will recognize God, Who came as Beloved Avatar Meher Baba.


Because they are Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s innocent children, those who are now departed will be saved, but in His own way. Nobody knows how. The mischievous children instigated this tragedy, and innocent children lost their lives. The latter will be gifted by the Beloved through His love. The mischievous children will suffer in their dreams in order to realize one day that they were dreaming, and in their dream, they did such terrible deeds.

Why? The terrorists were told that what they were doing was good. The Devil in them deluded them into believing that God would be happy if they destroyed the World Trade Center and Pentagon. That was wrong. They did not get the command from God, they just imagined they did. It was the Devil’s voice they heard, not God’s. And there were selfish motives materially behind such messages.

What were these selfish motives?Greed, power, jealousy, etc. The terrorists are tools of the Devil. He is very happy that he has enlisted them, even though in actual fact the Devil himself is nothing but illusion. The terrorists are so intoxicated with the "country liquor" given to them by the Devil that they don’t care. They go to the extent of killing thousands of people through their intoxication, knowing that they themselves will die. But this intoxication will not stay with them.

The thousands who were killed, and thousands who were severely wounded, are fortunate in a real sense, because their binding impressions have been collected by the terrorists and those who organized them.

It is really a pity that those terrorists, because they were 100% under the clutch of the Devil, have no idea what will become of them as a result of their actions. Those who hijacked the airplanes died neither a natural death nor an accidental one. They are murderers, yet at the same time, their departure falls under the category of suicide. They murdered innocent people, and while doing so, they knowingly committed suicide.

They will not get a body for a long time and are condemned to remain as ghosts for ages and ages. What suffering they will pass through! Even the door of hell will remain closed to them. And what impressions (sanskaras) the terrorists have collected, they know not!

They will suffer and suffer as they spend not only their own leftover impressions, but also every leftover impression from the victims they killed or wounded, plus the impressions of the others whose suffering they caused.

This sanskaric business is very intricate. Nobody understands it, because it is beyond understanding.

Only after the terrorists have spent all these leftover impressions, a process that will take ages, will they finally be able to enter into hell. They have no idea about the pain one passes through in hell. There they will suffer for ages and ages afterwards as they realize their mistake.

Those who initiated this tragedy and are connected to it by their instructions will also suffer. They, too, have acquired the impressions of all the victims and their close ones. Even if the instigators are killed, they must still suffer and suffer in their next births. But this is also necessary evil. Only Beloved Meher Baba, the Avatar of the Age, will make these terrorists realize what wrong they are doing, and after His Universal Manifestation, their life will become the life of repentance.-------End of Part I

BhauTrust OfficeAhmednagar, Maharashtra, India24th October, 2001P.S. Coming soon.

Part II of Bhau’s Second Message
Regarding the Calamities at the World Trade Center and Pentagon, followed by a brief account of Bhau’s delightful and Baba-filled tour of Andhra Pradesh.P.P.S.

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(Translated by Bhau Kalchuri)

My pen has not the strength to sing your praise—
At the first glow of your flame there was rain!
How marvelous is your gift!
To cool your radiant blaze, God Himself, honoring you,
showered rain on you for hours on end.
May you come to the rescue of thousands, may you
receive the blessings of the poor.
To those who pray to you, may you give protection.

You have the attribute of a Wali—
He who loses himself in you becomes like you.
Wonderful is your effect, wonderful is your play,
wonderful is your nature.
Yours is the gift which nurtures or destroys—
The seed you fructify, while the tree you uproot—
Both are your blessings.
One who uses you with care can cook hundreds of dishes.
But to the ignorant who treat you carelessly, you are a calamity.
You are like the Wali, full of virtues as well as faults.
You make one swim and another drown—that is your nature!

The whole region of Ahmednagar was without water,
But at the perfect time you rewarded the labor of the farmer.
In the form of fire you were hot;
By becoming water you were cool.
As those near you were warmed by your flame,
So also was the world made happy by your light.

When you have surrendered to Baba, let your lips be sealed—
Brave are those who serve at the feet of the Sadguru.
Limitless is your greatness, O Dhuni—
Only rishis and munis can fathom you.
You made Beheram the fire sleep and the sky weep.
Your warmth melted the heavens, wetting My sadhra.
You are the real servant of the Sadguru—
Stay near Him always!
Difficult was it to live in the heat of the famine,
And it made you sweat.
You are the true slave of the Master—
A fiery rod in My cool hands!

LET'S GO TO MEHERABAD, pp. 57-58, Bhau Kalchuri

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